My Life was begun with a game.

Game told me that holding a goal, planing to arrived at a goal, and trying that.

I enjoyed exams just like a game by gamify exams.

My University's days consisted of program and video.

Competitive programming and game programming was good to practice programming.

Anime made me otaku.

Recenty I'm interested in advertisement and investment.

The University of Electro-Communications(2009/04 ~ 2015/03)

CyberAgent, Inc(2015/04 ~ )

  • CyberZ(2015/07 ~ 2016/03)
    • pull and push audience data of Facebook and Twitter(Scala)
    • download and scrape app ranking data of AppStore and GooglePlay(Java)
  • MDH[Media Development Headquarters](2016/04 ~ 2017/05/12)
    • Advertisement data setting(Scala)
    • Advertisement deliver and Prediction CTR(Java)
  • Engineering Division(2017/05/15 ~ 2017/12/28)
    • System Construction and System Operation(AWS, GCP, OpenStack, LDAP, IP, SSL, DNS, VPN, VM)

Web Page

  • BBS: Bulletin Board System
  • LINKS: link collection
  • EVALALL: evaluate images
  • BLOG: informational website
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